Where's Guyzingear?

Bottom line up front is we've had another harddrive failure. Again. And we're not happy. And our backup plan had an emergency change so it was not in place. But we have an old backup. And RubberRebel is going through very hard times. You can help him out finding out how to donate here. But we will be back. But let's go over the situation as a whole

A few years ago, RubberRebel and myself (Jouva) moved to Staminus Communications as a hosting provider after our previous provider, ThePlanet got bought out by SoftLayer. SoftLayer proceeded to update our server for the first time without mentioning it to us, and in the process lost our data. We were VERY not happy.

Admittedly we should have had backups. And we should still continue to have backups. Infact we started to (more on that later). But we lost data due to THEIR actions, but there wasn't much we could do.

We have had a hard drive failure in the past while being hosted by Staminus. We had more recent backups this time fortunately, because we had a second server with Staminus for other pet projects. So we started using that as a backup server.

Meanwhile, RubberRebel got laid off by a company that was contracted by a major broadcasting company. The kicker was that any and all money set aside for unemployment taxes was NOT put towards unemployment, and only found this out when trying to apply for unemployment.

His home had flooded. Twice. Once due to general heavy flooding. A second time due to Superstorm Sandy. Insurance and FEMA offered no assistance.

Right now the owner of the site, RubberRebel is very low on self-esteem after losing almost all of his posessions, nearly about to have no roof over his head. Not many folks have come forward to help him as he would like.

I (Jouva) have been paying for the site out of pocket, as he has not been able to afford to support the site and the payment gateway has been broken for a year and little mentioning of it has come forward.

If you'd like to help out RubberRebel, you can ask how to donate here. These donations are NOT FOR THE WEBSITE. It is STRICTLY to help out a member of your community.

Now for the present news: The hard drives died during Labor Day weekend. They were in a RAID array and they got corrupted. The latest backup we have is from May when I backed up the entire site. I could not afford to pay for both the Guyzingear server and the secondary server and thus the backup server has been gone with no plans made to supplement that at the time. It was an emergency payment. Either I paid or the site would be gone forever.

We are going to attempt to recover the data from that, but it's not a guarantee that we can even do so

Where does that put us?

I am attempting to find out when we can get the site back up. Having 12 hour weekdays where I'm not home is not easy for me to balance life and the site.

I still want to see the site live on and continue to support the community. We will do what it takes to get the site back up. But it may take a few days or even weeks before we get it back up.

What is the future of the site?

I have in my spare time (which has been coming less and less lately) thinking about ways to improve the site. A cleaner interface. Code that we can maintain rather than struggle to fix. More up to date features. Easier ways to keep the site up and not lose our data

The better features will cost money. But it will be worth it. When the site comes back up, we will try to get a payment gateway back up for those that have been willing to pay for access to do just that and support our site.

Our ultimate goal is to have the site be entirely free (with donations welcome) and be powered by community driven and community related advertising. This will help companies wanting to sell awesome fetish gear target the market while supporting the community and giving you guys free access to the videos and photos you love

A hard part for me has been trying to come up with a good look for the site. Once that is in place, I will be able to mock up the entire site and code it for you guys. But enough babbling about that

What can I do?

For now sit tight and wait. If you want to help keep the site up in the long term, we will figure out a way to have folks dondate towards hosting fees. Perhaps these donations will be useful for data recovery. We will see.

If you'd like to contact us you can email Me (Jouva) or RubberRebel or even both of us to ask what's up or how you can help

-- Jouva and RubberRebel